Thank you for stopping by. I am Yasmin, a third-culture 20-something from Egypt and the Philippines currently living in Saudi Arabia. To many people, I am many things, a Chemical Engineer, Journalist, Programmer, Web Designer, Researcher, Founder of an NPO, you name it. So, what is the purpose of this website and why am I speaking in first person when I’m supposed to give an impression of a professional fresh graduate trying to start a career in the oil and gas industry. Well, the answer is simple. I want the reader to know me as an individual, rather than through my work. Besides, the “about” page and pretty much every other page is in third person. On a serious note, I want this website to serve as a platform for potential acquaintances and employers to know what I am capable of and how I can add to their respective organizations or lives. Like some say, “if you want more, you need to give more,” and that is what I want to do – share my knowledge and more importantly experience with the world. 

A fall from the third floor hurts as much as a fall from the hundredth. If I have to fall, may it be from a high place.
- Paulo Coelho