Chemical Engineer, Journalist, & CS Major


Hey there! Welcome to my virtual home. I’m Yasmin, a third culture 20-something from Egypt and the Philippines living life every day unexpectedly. I write stuff, program, and try to make things work: by definition, I am a Journalist, CS Major, and Chemical Engineer. While, the whole world is adamant about specializing in one field, I somehow can’t fit into one alone. I love Chemical Engineering but it is not enough, we live in a digital world – in order to utilize technology, we need to understand it and hence, why I chose Computer Science as my second major.

Writing doesn’t come easy to me but I do it anyways – I simply love the process of making something out of nothing and all that is through the written word. So, YES! STEM graduates can write and they write well.

When I’m not busy doing something, you will find me either planning my next trip or chilling with my family & friends. I love cats, puppies, or anything furry. I have a blog and you can subscribe to it here. Love life and it will love you back. And YES, the law of attraction does work. Just keep working at it and you will be amazed at where you will be in 5 years. Don’t be a stranger and follow me @ypkhalil. Have a great day!