When nothing is coming my way


There are some days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Today is one of those days for me. I have a lot of writing scheduled for tonight and I’m still lost for words, wondering how to find them. Unlike my previous blog posts, this post will serve as a personal reflection rather than a rant. A glimpse of my struggles rather than my minor successes. In all honesty, I’m scared, not because I’m clueless but because I know what I have to do and I don’t know if I’m ready.

It is all about choices
Ever since I was a chemical engineering student, I had this dream of becoming a process engineer, working onsite, solving exciting problems, living an eventful life, and being financially independent. But then, life as usual, never goes according to plan. I thought I would be able to land a job in the Middle East without a problem (I thought wrong). Some times, even when you are qualified, talented, and full of potential you end up with nothing. But surprisingly, those times aren’t the hardest. Hard times are like, deciding how to move forward after experiencing failure. Deciding when is the right time to leave. And leaving your home to a strangle land while being completely alone. To me that strange land – are my home countries: Egypt & The Philippines. Which country will I be leaving Saudi Arabia for? I haven’t decided yetContinue reading

Software Engineering (1) – Introduction


A legacy system is an old computer system that continues to be used because it still functions according to the users’ needs, even though newer technology or more efficient methods of performing a task are now available. Convenience is mostly why clients follow the “old is gold” trend. What does this have to do with software engineering tho? For starters, software engineering has everything to do with theories, methods, and tools for developing professional software. However, around 60% of software costs are development costs, while the rest are testing costs. Hence, that expenditure is mainly why the lifetime of software systems is expected to exceed 10 years (if not more), turning them into legacies.

Introduction to Software Engineering
Software costs dominate computer system costs, which is why [cost-effective] software development with good attributes like maintainability, dependability & security, efficiency, and acceptability is important. Hence, it is good to remember that reusing old software when appropriate is preferable than writing new software from scratch. Software products come in two forms: Generic products, which are stand-alone systems sold to the public with rights fully owned by the developer and customized products, which are software commissioned by a specific client, who will be granted sole rights to the software. Generally, software engineering involves 4 activities: Continue reading

Data Structures (1) – The Beginning


For starters, data structures are essential building blocks in obtaining efficient algorithms. In other words, they are meant to be an organization or structuring for a collection of data items. Data Structures are meant to solve a problem and provide a solution that can be solved within the specified resource constraints: cost, time, technical capabilities, etc. It is important to remember that each data structure has an allocated amount of space for each data item it stores, a certain duration to perform a single basic operation, and a certain amount of programming knowledge. Hence, each problem is basically centered on two constraints: space and time.

Introduction to Data Structures
The fundamental role of most (if not all) computer programs is to store and retrieve information as quickly as possible. As beginner coders we usually focus on our programs performing calculations correctly, while neglecting speed and information retrieval or storage. In that regards, this unit will teach us how to structure information to support efficient processing. But before we get to that, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for three things (that we’ll get the hang of in the future): Continue reading

Freelance Writing 101 – How to Start


In most websites out there, they’ll tell you the key to freelancing is pitching but they don’t tell you how to pitch, rather show you a bunch of query letters that sold (which is very, very useful by the way). However, when you are new at this, looking for ideas and struggling with queries might not be your thing (certainly ain’t mine). I started freelancing three months ago, give or take and it has been a bumpy ride. The experience of finding publications to write for, looking for ideas to pitch, and learning the trade has been more annoying and frustrating than difficult to say the least. Today, I will share what I have learned in the past three months in hopes to ease your transition to freelance writing.

Publications to Write for
Knowing which publications to write for is key. But before you pitch, you need to familiarize yourself with their style and tone. You also need to pick your niche. But then again, when you are new, you really don’t know the market all that well. At first, I used twitter to look for interesting publications to approach, but that was so time consuming and fruitless. Continue reading

3 KDramas you should be watching right now!


We all know I’m a #KDrama fanatic. Thus, it is only fitting that I start my blogging phase highlighting a couple of dramas I believe you should start watching today. So without further adieu, here are my favorite KDramas currently airing.

1. My Secret Hotel
This year, divorced couples finding their way back to each other has been a reoccurring theme in many dramas, like ‘Sly and Single Again’, ‘Emergency Couple’, ‘Fated to Love You’, and even this drama ‘My Secret Hotel’. Generally divorce in South Korea is so taboo that people dare not talk about it. In that regards, I really like how ‘divorce’ as a subject is being portrayed in KDramas these days.  My Secret Hotel is epic, my favorite drama currently airing; it stars Jin Yi Han as Hae-Young, the ex-husband of Sang-Hyo, who happens to be the wedding planner in charge of his wedding (Awkward?). Continue reading

To New Beginnings


To be frank, I’m really new to the whole blogging thing. But then again, it is about time that I start sharing too. I usually start my day by reading other people’s blogs and admiring how they tell their stories. That kind of openness has always fascinated me. So, I told myself, why the hell not and this is how I came about writing my first blog post ever.

Like what most popular bloggers say, “for you to maintain a blog, you need to have a [theme], the will to blog ain’t enough”. And I can’t agree more, wanting to blog is something and knowing what to blog about is another thing altogether. In that regards, I plan on talking about 3 things: Life as a 20-something engineer [slash] dudette with practically no opportunities, what it is like to study at #UoPeople, and the world of Chemical Engineering, Science, and Energy. Continue reading

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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Originally posted February 5, 2014 on the ReadWriteAnalyze Blog.

Are you currently updating that resume of yours and don’t know where to start? Basically, having a solid resume is all about making a great impression through choosing an appropriate format, selecting a suitable font, customizing your resume, using keywords, and more importantly not making silly mistakes. Below are the top 4 resume mistakes you should avoid this year.

1. Poor Design and Layout
At first sight, your resume will either trigger a green light or a red one. According to Amanda Augustine, career expert at TheLadders, ”The format is just as important as anything else on the resume; the key is to format the information in a way that makes it easy to scan and recognize your job goals and relevant qualifications.”

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The Virtual Blog Project Celebrates 1 Year and 100 Posts!


Originally posted October 17, 2013 on Braathe Enterprises Virtual Blog Project.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Braathe Enterprises Virtual Blog Project, an inspiring initiative from Braathe Enterprises that aims to provide undergraduate students and recent graduates with a communication vessel for virtual learning.

Initially, its purpose was to be a platform for students taking part in the Braathe Enterprises Virtual Internship Program, but co-founder Yasheaka Oakley had bigger plans.

“I found that there was a greater audience of recent graduates and current students who needed career advice or a platform to share their expertise. So, I dropped the requirement and hoped for the best!” says Oakley, who is an alumna of the Virtual Internship Program’s Small Business Track.

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4 Ways to Save Money over the Summer

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Originally posted August 12, 2013 on Braathe Enterprises Virtual Blog Project.

Saving money over the summer is a job itself. It is often hard for most people, especially students to manage their expenses during career-free months. Money management is a skill once mastered will benefit you for life, even beyond school years. Here are four suggestions for keeping your finances under control this summer.

1. Utilize Coupons and Student Discounts

Instead of buying on impulse, collect coupons and shop during the sale season. Utilizing coupons can help you save more than 90 percent on your grocery bills according to TLC Family Finance. Though, knowing how to consume coupons wisely at first can be difficult, proper knowledge and organization will make the task at hand as easy as breathing.

First, you need to know what to save on as coupon collection comes hand in hand with bulk purchasing. Hence, always buy items that you use regularly or don’t spoil fast; such as, canned goods, frozen items, personal supplies, etc. Also, collect coupons from your favorite brands not just through newspapers but also through social networks, where they advertise their latest deals. Lastly, always leverage on discounts catered to students. For more tips, click here.

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