What does EPC stand for?

EPC can mean many things to many people; to some Europeans it could be: European Payments Council, European Policy Centre, or even European Patent Convention, but to us Engineers, EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction; three main activities necessary for the execution of any industrial project.

For starts, the engineering phase usually involves preparing designs and equipment datasheets, dealing with specifications, and preparing “lists”. Lists which contain all the materials and equipment needed for the project and are later used by the procurement department. The procurement department then, purchases everything according to the lists and specifications agreed upon by the contractor (the engineering company) and the client (the owner of the industrial facility). Finally, construction work begins using all the materials and equipment purchased and according to the designs prepared by the engineering department.

But before all that could happen, several steps need to be taken. The first step is the Business Planning Phase, which is done by the client; it involves defining the business opportunity, conducting a technical assessment, and undergoing an economic evaluation, to name a few. The other steps which are done by the engineering company include:


BED, also known as pre-feed is basically a conceptual design done to confirm the feasibility of a project, select technology, refine cost estimate with +/-30% accuracy, and develop process design among others. It typically has a process engineering focus with major equipment identified from an electrical, mechanical, and instrument perspective. Different engineering companies, cover different steps; for instance, Technip’s BED includes: Continue reading “What does EPC stand for?”