A new leaf

It has been approximately a year since I have last written something, be it for leisure or work. Writing is home to me; it is my special way of expressing myself to the world.

Firstly, I need to apologize for being out of sight. I know, every year, I start strong; commit myself to a ridiculous writing schedule and never get anywhere. However, I hope that 2018 will be different. As we bid farewell to this year, I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect and share my thoughts with you. This post will revolve around three words: heartache, contentment, and purpose.

To me, the past couple of months have been revolutionary in terms of both, personal and professional growth (more towards the former though). What makes this year particularly special is that I have lost as much as I have gained. Which made me come to realize that success and failure are very subjective. Consequently, leading me to question my beliefs and priorities in life.

The life of every human being revolves around five aspects: personal, familial, social, professional, and spiritual. Each aspect requires a certain amount of work and can be interpreted in various ways depending on one’s views.

Here’s what I think:

  • Personal: one’s relationship with one’s self.
  • Familial: one’s relationship with one’s immediate family: parents, siblings, spouse, and kids.
  • Social: one’s relationship with one’s extended family, friends, colleagues, and community.
  • Professional: one’s relationship with one’s career and professional progress.
  • Spiritual: one’s relationship with God. The creator of all things.

Now, as you are reading this, you are like DUH YASMIN, HOW ORIGINAL?!?

But bear with me. You see, despite me stating the obvious, we all end up making the classical mistake of only focusing on two aspects instead of all five. And that is not all, some people are even worse off than others when they choose the wrong two aspects to focus on at a given time.

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