Freelance Writing 101 – How to Start

In most websites out there, they’ll tell you the key to freelancing is pitching but they don’t tell you how to pitch, rather show you a bunch of query letters that sold (which is very, very useful by the way). However, when you are new at this, looking for ideas and struggling with queries might not be your thing (certainly ain’t mine). I started freelancing three months ago, give or take and it has been a bumpy ride. The experience of finding publications to write for, looking for ideas to pitch, and learning the trade has been more annoying and frustrating than difficult to say the least. Today, I will share what I have learned in the past three months in hopes to ease your transition to freelance writing.

Publications to Write for
Knowing which publications to write for is key. But before you pitch, you need to familiarize yourself with their style and tone. You also need to pick your niche. But then again, when you are new, you really don’t know the market all that well. At first, I used twitter to look for interesting publications to approach, but that was so time consuming and fruitless. Continue reading “Freelance Writing 101 – How to Start”