Pourvu que ça dure…

“Pourvu que ça dure…” is a french phrase that translates into “I hope it lasts”.

This blog post is long overdue… I recently turned 26 and thanks to that, I am here, writing this, for you to read:

I have learned many things the past year and though, I can’t list them all down, I will  highlight a couple of things that you may find useful. But, before getting started, here is a disclaimer: this post may contain spiritual content*

*I usually avoid spirituality in my writing, mainly because one’s relationship with one’s creator is rather a personal matter than a public discussion… BUT, I’m making an exception today; so, let’s get started:

The soul before the body

I believe that my soul was created long before my body came into existence. I also believe that my soul lived in a past realm before this lifetime and will continue to exist past the lifespan of my body, into a future realm. And after this realization, I started wondering why as humans, we tend to nurture our bodies more than our souls.

And I came up with this:

We are infatuated by the seen rather than the unseen. What I mean by “the seen” is THIS LIFE. We all want to live our lives to the fullest: have a good job, travel, look good, dress well, have a picture perfect family, and by all means be referred to as “HIGH POTENTIAL”.

BUT, as much as we should go to the gym to stay healthy and be fit, focus on work to nurture our minds and satisfy our egos… we should also tend to our souls…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we all should strive to live to our fullest potential in this lifetime… But, what about : “the unseen”? the afterlife? having peace of mind and ease of heart? I know, it can be hard sometimes, trying to be of great character under shitty circumstances, practicing patience when impatience is of your nature, thinking well of God when your world is falling apart -> yeah, shit does hit the ceiling sometimes.

But imagine, if you had all your prep-work done and your soul is at peace; living in the present, rather than dwelling over the past or worrying about the future. Hard times wouldn’t be so hard anymore… Because, you would have a degree of certainty (Yaqueen, in Arabic) that what is yours won’t skip you and what isn’t yours won’t even cross you. And, that belief on its own is a source of strength.

In summary, all that you have to achieve is BALANCE between this life and the next. And, here’s HOW:

your environment

We should really pay attention to our surroundings, both the living and the nonliving. Let us talk about the living…

I have been told by many individuals that we live in nonreligious times and to a certain extent, I believe that to be true. However, that can be changed depending on one’s environment. For example, I don’t have many friends that are of the same faith as I and despite that, we talk about God a lot. And, in times, when I feel like I need guidance, I turn to scholars, knowledgeable people, books, seminars, etc. And, in this day and age, it is very easy to be spiritual, given all of the accessible resources.

The trick is to remember God often; you can do so by praying, reading or listening to religious script, engaging in supplication, watching spiritual videos on youtube, and acknowledging God’s greatness by admiring the creation: be it a tree, the mountains, epic weather, or even just by being in the presence of good company.

It is funny how two people can be seeing the same thing, be experiencing the same thing, but feeling completely different. And, that is linked to how they look, feel, and think about life and the creator.

As you are reading this, trust me, it is okay, if your heart doesn’t have the capacity to feel my words and your brain doesn’t have the capacity to understand their significance.

I mean, it took my 26 years to get here… look at a tree and see beyond it.

Going back to achieving BALANCE… I believe that once your soul is content with God’s decree and your heart is set right with God’s love then you are good to go for the afterlife and for this life as well. For when your heart is at ease, you will be generally happier, healthier, and performing well at your job with things slowly falling into place in your life.

And REMEMBER, there are three things needed for a happy life:

  1. Something to do
  2. Something to love
  3. Something to look forward to

Note to self:
A Supplication : May God keep my heart content with his decree and make me a person of good character and faith for this year and the years to come. 

Belated happy birthday Yasmin!


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