2021: the year of intention

“The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.” – Wayne Dyer

This is not your typical new year’s post filled with resolutions and checklists. Last year was a challenging year for most of us; but with challenges come opportunities and as a person, I feel like I’ve become more sympathetic, empathetic, and communitarian and less individualistic. The 2020 pandemic taught me the importance of being intentional in everything I do and aspire to do/be.

I touched on being intentional in an earlier post without really addressing the concept behind it. Intentional living in simple words means, living according to your values and beliefs; focusing on the “why” and challenging status quo when needed. I used to live on autopilot, going with the flow, doing what everybody else was doing, not really giving anything a second thought. Everything has changed however, once I identified with minimalism and decided to question my values.

Having core values is important because they become the center of all the decisions that you will make on a daily basis. For example, if self-care is important to you, then you will work-out regularly; if you care about the environment, then you will consume less and recycle more; etc.

Reflecting back

Before I changed my way of living, I went down memory lane to pinpoint critical moments; moments that shaped me and had an impact on me (both, positively and negatively). Once that was done, I focused on the why behind each moment and identified some important questions, such as:

  • What am I doing on a regular basis to make me happy?
  • What am I doing now to work on my current goal?
  • Is there room for improvement on subject XXX? If yes, how?
  • How to progress on goal XXX slowly but steadily?

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New leaf 2.0

All they wanted for me was to be mindful and conscious of the present moment. 

I remember the last heart-to-heart conversation I had with my uncle like it was yesterday. It was the three of us: my dad, my uncle, and I; chilling on the dinning table, finishing off dinner. I was listening in while my uncle and dad were reminiscing the good old days, just like two childhood bestfriends. Somehow, the conversation was switched to me. The topic was ambition; my ambition, to be precise. 

Rewinding back time, at that precise moment, I was a single 26 year old engineer with a stable situation in Europe. You can say, somehow, I was considered to be successful back home. However, both, my uncle and dad were shocked by my lack of ambition; they were really curious as to why I didn’t care about climbing the corporate ladder. My uncle was concerned that I was trusting my “self limiting beliefs” to be true. My dad expressed his concern as well. 

I reassured both my dad and uncle by telling them that the problem wasn’t my ambition; but rather, the ambiguity of my next steps. Slightly reassured by my vague reply, the conversation was switched back to the good old days and again, I became the active listener I usually am when my favorite people tell stories. 

Fast-forward two years later, after replaying the conversation several times in my mind, I realized that the key takeaways were mindfulness and that the definition of ambition is different for everyone. 

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A new leaf

It has been approximately a year since I have last written something, be it for leisure or work. Writing is home to me; it is my special way of expressing myself to the world.

Firstly, I need to apologize for being out of sight. I know, every year, I start strong; commit myself to a ridiculous writing schedule and never get anywhere. However, I hope that 2018 will be different. As we bid farewell to this year, I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect and share my thoughts with you. This post will revolve around three words: heartache, contentment, and purpose.

To me, the past couple of months have been revolutionary in terms of both, personal and professional growth (more towards the former though). What makes this year particularly special is that I have lost as much as I have gained. Which made me come to realize that success and failure are very subjective. Consequently, leading me to question my beliefs and priorities in life.

The life of every human being revolves around five aspects: personal, familial, social, professional, and spiritual. Each aspect requires a certain amount of work and can be interpreted in various ways depending on one’s views.

Here’s what I think:

  • Personal: one’s relationship with one’s self.
  • Familial: one’s relationship with one’s immediate family: parents, siblings, spouse, and kids.
  • Social: one’s relationship with one’s extended family, friends, colleagues, and community.
  • Professional: one’s relationship with one’s career and professional progress.
  • Spiritual: one’s relationship with God. The creator of all things.

Now, as you are reading this, you are like DUH YASMIN, HOW ORIGINAL?!?

But bear with me. You see, despite me stating the obvious, we all end up making the classical mistake of only focusing on two aspects instead of all five. And that is not all, some people are even worse off than others when they choose the wrong two aspects to focus on at a given time.

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